Love Blooms From the Seams…

My sew sisters and I decided to do an impromptu meetup at Garfield Park Conservatory for our own Galentine’s Day. The plan was to wear our Valentine’s-themed makes. I was excited to link up…but also pressed for time. I had/ have several projects laid out in my sewing room, but I figured I could fit this in real quick…along with a full-time job, being someone’s mama, cleaning, errands, the unexpected…etc. Man, adulting can kick rocks…BAREFOOTED!

Nevertheless, I had big plans for my outfit. I had some pink zebra print charmeuse I wanted to make for a blouse with a pussywillow bow collar and some red scuba fabric for a knit pencil skirt with a full length, exposed back zipper. Sounds cute, right?! Yeah…that’s I can only way I can describe it because it’s still lying on my table untouched 🤪

#M6650 View B and skirt STILL on my table

I had vision, talent and commitment. I was going to make it do what it do, but it didn’t do nothing (I know that’s bad grammar, but saying it this way best supports my sentiment). I had all these attributes working in my favor and yet still didn’t get the job done. Life got in the way. I had a string of unexpected tasks to do and even with enthusiastic fervor, I simply just couldn’t finish. All of us are busy women, juggling our lives with our love for sewing, so I couldn’t cancel last minute. I wound up wearing a previous make from this post that actually fit our theme perfectly. I was initially disappointed that my new outfit did not come together as I planned, but we had a great time, made some fun memories and recorded them with some dope pics.

Behind the Scenes

This experience is parallel to relationships. How Sway?! 🤷🏾‍♀️ You may have a vision for what you want and maybe even a plan for things to turn out a certain way. You may have a lot of qualities that support your vision, but a lot of it comes down to timing and expectations. Sometimes you don’t realize that you already have all that you need. Anything you have to force to fit is just not going to work out in the end…and many times you have to adjust your expectations to see that love blooms from the seams🥰


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