This Is Us (well actually me)

It’s been so long since I’ve posted but life happens blah blah yada yada. I’m late to the party that is ‘This is Us’ since I can’t watch anything in real time with a five-year old diva on my hands, but after some dedicated binge watching, I’m finally almost caught up…except last week. (Hey, I’m trying folks). Outside of the amazing acting, writing and intersecting storylines from different points of view, what I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE about this show is Beth’s wardrobe and hair! OMG each episode Susan Kelechi Watson slays with her performance as Beth including her hair and wardrobe. There was one episode in particular Beth wore this Super Sexy sweater for a Pearson Super Bowl party. I knew I MUST replicate this. It was kismet that I came across McCalls 7836 months after seeing this novelty fleece in my fabric store…(uh I mean stash) that I loved but had no clue what to make with it. I’ve had it for at least 7 years😳

Finally, something I can do with this dopeness! This fabric was going to be so many things things (mainly home decor because the fabric is so thick and the print was so big.)

Thank you ‘This Is Us’ for great television and Beth’s flyness! Image Source NBC


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