Don’t Settle

This little diddy was brought to me by Vogue 1472, a Zandra Rhodes pattern I’ve admired in my stash for years. My sew sister invited to participate in a Sewing Bowl Challenge. On Instagram, @salonmishawn chose my challenge using random selection. I was to make a stretch-neon-color block top using a Vogue sewing pattern👀 I had to use my imagination with this one because Vogue is my go-to for coats and dresses, not knit tops. So this what a challenge for me.

I had three weeks to make to complete my challenge which I used every minute…because I didn’t settle. At first I thought ‘Oh this is gonna be simple and quick and I can get back to my other projects’. WRONG!! I’m a WFHM (Work From Home Mom)…at least til my job says I absolutely have to return to the office. I’m super grateful to have this privilege, but it’s still a been a lot to manage, even during Summer Break. Needless to say, COVID-19 has seen some real fluctuations in my hobby ho tendencies…with more interests…but less time to do them!

I originally made a tent instead of a top. I had this idea to add corded piping which I made myself, but it was too heavy for the power mesh fabric I was using for the rest of the top. Old me would’ve just finished it to finish it even though I wasn’t excited about it. I had already put a lot work into it (more than the pattern called for) and I just wanted to finish. ‘Old me’ would’ve just hemmed the top and wore the top anyway even though she was disappointed with the fit.

Tent Top (original)

NOT TODAY!!! I got out my frenemy, Seam Ripper, and tediously removed those stitches and used ribbon in my stash instead of the cording. I’ve figured out having something that I want beats complacency any day…even if I get frustrated with the process. Sometimes you have to even start over (which I did- I had to cut out new pieces because I messed up so bad). It can be in sewing, relationships, jobs, health, is etc. It is a different level of disappointment when you’re not being satisfied wearing something of your own creation. I’m glad I didn’t settle for my tent top and now I wear it well🥰

My frenemy
Skate Life


  1. Your top is amazing. I love the neon green against the leopard print! You really took your time and all of you handwork paid off. Thanks for sharing your experience! — Love your skating pics too!


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