The Unexpected Dress

I tend to make all these grand plans for my sewing time and they rarely go as planned. This time was no different. I had this striped summertime mystery fabric that I planned use for #M7950, View C, but it got this cool crinkle effect after I prewashed it, the fabric no longer suited the pattern. I just so happened to be going through another pattern purge; I add patterns to my ‘It’s not you, it’s me pile,’ but I’ll save that for another post. I came across McCalls #M5842 that I rescued from the pile that would look dope with this crinkled fabric.

M7950 and #M5842

Soooo…I started laying out the fabric and ran into another crinkle (not literal this time). I didn’t have enough fabric! I looked for other pattern and decided that I was going to make this work. Even with substituting the third tier with a contrast sheer lace fabric I’d been saving for something else unknown, I was still short a pattern piece in the main fabric on the bottom tier of the dress. Since the design called for a lot of gathering, I decided I was going to make it work and proceed with cutting the fabric. Yes, all this trepidation, and I hadn’t even cut out the fabric😂

‘It’s not you, it’s me’ purge pile

Well, it worked out. Even though I had entirely different plans, the dress I ACTUALLY made was better because of the changes and adjustments I had to make. In addition to not having enough fabric, I added a slip that the pattern didn’t call for because the fabric was too transparent and I’m a bit too humble for that👀 (Side Note: I didn’t need to prewash the fabric since I knew it wasn’t cotton, but that neither here nor there, since it’s already done). The moral of this story is even those missteps/ mistakes that seeming mess up our plans make for better outcomes than we imagined. We just have to work on the courage to adjust and see it through.

Extra slip for modesty 😳


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