Sew and Roll

Cookies and cream. Salted caramel and chocolate. Andre Benjamin (aka 3000) and Big Boi. Wu Tang. (Why is this chick rambling on about all kinds of chocolatey goodness, you say?) These are all combinations I love (although the last two mentioned have some pretty solid solo standouts as well). When True Bias invited me to participate in a #sewandroll I literally did a happy dance! These are my two favorite hobbies that take up most of my time after adulting. I’ll be among other skating sewists make rollerskating outfits and post pics.

This was the perfect opportunity to make some skate wear. I chose Burda 7232 using a spandex fabric with this dope graffiti print I used on a hoodie which can be found here. (Note: I did purchase it 3-4 years ago). The pattern recommended linen or cotton type fabrics, but the spandex I used is a stable knit, so I used it with only one issue-the ass..uh I mean buttonhole! It just would not work on my machine (it’s a pretty basic singer that I keep only for buttonholes and the times my daughter feels like she’s interested enough to sew).

I have a light industrial machine that only does straight stitch, so one day I’ll gift myself with a machine that can do other tricks (or some sewing machine fairy will magically appear. Either way, I’m manifesting a deluxe sewing machine! wound up using snaps from here, but maybe I’ll learn how to hand stitch buttonholes until then.

Buttonhole fail

I brought the rink to the hard court due to COVID-19. Even though the rinks in Chicago are open now, I’m still leary about going because skaters are a huggy bunch, so I have not been to the rink since March. Outdoor roller skating is a different beast. I’ll be posting more eskate-pades here. If you sew and skate, join the #sewandroll train. All skill levels are welcome! I’M HERE FOR IT!

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