Sew Sisters

Sewing is a pretty solitary activity (unless you have curious child(ren) getting the notion to misplace your notions and good scissors), but within this solitude, there is a lot of community. When I meet other sewists in person, after passing that initial hesitation of mentioning I actually made what I’m wearing; there’s an instantaneous excitement. Meeting someone like you and that understands sewing…that it’s a fun and frustratingly liberating process. It’s also a relief to you can share your excitement for sewing knowing they won’t ask for last minute alterations or to stitch a ball gown from scratch in two days 😵🤬

While there’s a large online sewing community, I actually met these two lovely ladies in person (at different times). One I met at a Making It Sew Fun fashion show. We both took classes there at different times. I actually met another online but ran into her in person at The Silver Room Summer Block party. We all hit it off. Each of us is dope in our own right. While we may not always share the same opinions on style choices, I really trust their judgement because The Sewing Jurist and LaDonna are fly! I turn my nose up at what I call ‘potato sack’ dresses because that is what loose fitting dresses look like on me, but it works for them!

Our latest joint project was #S8454. We each added our own flair (I used a polyester sheer georgette fabric from Textile Discount Outlet that I’ve had in my stash for years). We finally got together for a photo shoot at Harold Washington Library . We made sure we were quiet even though my mini me had her own agenda 🧘🏾‍♀️Our next project and sew date is on deck and I look forward to sharing!

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