Intrepid Three-peat

Last year I fell in love with boiler suits. They cross off major checks on my style list such as comfort, less worry about coordinating/ styling because it’s a whole outfit (like a dress) and I love the utilitarian look. So when I first saw Alice and Co. Patterns Intrepid Boiler Suit I knew I had to try it out.

Honestly, I had trepidation with the Intrepid because of pants fitting. The fit with each pattern is different. Usually my main issue is crotch depth, so I always have to substantially lengthen the back crotch in the pattern. There was also the concern with how were my new crotch length was going to effect the length of my bodice since it will be joined together.

My first version was a wearable muslin in a gray poly poplin from JoAnn Fabrics a few years ago. I barely had enough and didn’t have enough fabric left to make the waist belt casing. I wasn’t trying to make a 20-seam piecemeal waistband with with the little scraps I had, so I wear it loose fitting. Details on the pattern alterations are in my previous post..

I made my second version in an olive, blue, yellow, orange and white Ankara circular print. Me and my sew sisters, LaDonna and Monica, were invited to do a spread in the annual Ankara issue of Sewn Magazine (June 2021). This fabric was actually gifted to me by Monica. I had enough for the waistband y’all, so it’s more fitted.

For my hat trick, I elasticized the waistband, shortened the sleeves and added epaulettes (because you already know I love a utilitarian look). Full disclosure, I cut the fabric around Memorial Day last year but by the time I stitched it up in November, I used a 5/8” seam allowance forgetting the original pattern called for 3/8.” I also added 3” length to the pants so I could wear heels.

And there you have it. I have a few more versions of boiler suit (different patterns) I want to make and I’m just getting started. Hopefully, it won’t be almost a year until my next post.

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