Intrepid Indie

One of my sewing intentions starting this year is to sew more indie patterns. I did this for a few reasons with the top reasons being more representation for POC and I’ve noticed that too many of more recent patterns from the Big Four patterns (McCalls, Vogue, Butterick and Simplicity) looked too similar to versions of patterns I already have. I’ve been more intentional when I get patterns in general, so I only purchase patterns that wow me and will end up in my closet sooner than later and not just adding to my pattern library because they were on sale. If it just so happens to be one the Big Four, I’m wouldn’t be mad it.

One pattern that wowed me was the Intrepid Boilersuit by Alice and Co Patterns. I love it for four reasons.

1. It’s a jumpsuit, so I’d have a whole outfit with minimal effort.

2. It can be dressed up or down, which I’ve seen many talented sewists and fashionistas do. Pinterest and Instagram really inspire you to do almost anything lol

3. I can skate in it! (Or play doubledutch)!

The Intrepid Boilersuit is the one of my patterns I want to have on repeat because of its versatility. I had to make a few adjustments. I cut out the size 16 and had to lengthen the crotch length because I like my big butt and I cannot lie. The pattern was very generous about this by including 3cm (1.25”) at the waist. Even with this extra the pattern left for adjustment, I still needed an additional 2.5” (but I usually have to add 4-5” to the crotch length for pants). In order to make the adjustment, I added 1” to the waist of back trouser leg, and the remaining 1.5”, I divided evenly, adding 0.75” to the front and back crotch seam. The actual crotch length was great, but I later shortened the front waist by 1” to be more level with the back waist (which really needed the extra inch I added). Check out these Instagram reels for how I did it.

Overall, I’m excited about having this boiler suit in the rotation! I made my wearable muslin in a neutral tone which is also one of the Pantone colors of the year (Ultimate Gray). Now it’s time to play around with some future versions to make them each their own.


  1. […] My first version was a wearable muslin in a gray poly poplin from JoAnn Fabrics a few years ago. I barely had enough and didn’t have enough fabric left to make the waist belt casing. I wasn’t trying to make a 20-seam piecemeal waistband with with the little scraps I had, so I wear it loose fitting. Details on the pattern alterations are in my previous post.. […]


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