A Tale of Two Jackets (New Look 6231)

Me and the Sewing Girls (LaDonna and Monica) were invited to be featured in October 2020 issue of Sewn Magazine , a publication for sewing and DIY enthusiasts. It was pretty exciting to be seen on a platform that was more than just my friends! The theme was ‘The Camo Mix Up’, where we each made a camo print garment and styled it for two different looks (solids and print mixing). I already knew I was going to use a bright yellow/ green for one look because I love this color combo and green is my favorite color. This challenge really had me think outside the box with the print mixing. I love African print and I was able to make an Ankara jacket to complement the camo jumpsuit I also made.

Jumpsuit: MCCalls M7910 Views 1 & 4/ Fabric: Camo sweater knit from Schooks Fabric on Etsy

Jacket: New Look 6231, View B/ Fabric: Ankara

Pants: Vogue V8955, View C/ Fabric: Poly Chiffon

Photographer: Michael Taylor Photography IG: @miketaylorphotog

It was so awesome being featured! (We will all be featured again individually in the February 2021 ‘Black is Beautiful’ issue). Time was of the essence when I first made the jacket, so I finished it unlined. I prefer my jackets/ coats lined, so I later made bagged lining. I goofed altering the pattern around the front facing; I did not account for the facing squaring at the shoulders and encountered this when the side front lining and the front facing pattern pieces didn’t match up. See how I fixed it here. Problem solved!

Adjustments to the bodice lining are in red

I also added shoulder pads, so the jacket now has a bit more structure. It didn’t necessarily need shoulder pads and lining, but little details do make a difference and I’m glad I went back and added them. In the photos for the magazine, I mainly left the jacket open to create fullness in the jacket. With the shoulder pads and lining added, the jacket had the fullness I like.

Unlined vs Lined with shoulder pads added

The shoulder pads and lining helps create a more shapely silhouette by accentuating the shoulders and creating a more defined waist.

What details do you prefer in your garments?

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